The Bio

I’m Britt – I’m 30 years on this rockin’ planet of ours and I like to travel…sounds awfully similar to an AA introduction, but traveling is an addiction after all. I’m a Canadian girl by birth, ‘child of the world’ by choice, and Irish resident by official customs documents. At this stage in my life I have lived in six countries on four different continents, and have scratched off 39 nations on my Urban Outfitters ‘World Scratch Map’. Not exactly the largest dent, but we’ll get there.

I started traveling in a bid to avoid that scary ‘big person world’ that most high school and university graduates speak only of in whispers or awkwardly at family gatherings. While actively avoiding responsibilities (and a career by default), I started a whole different kind of CV and career, however– a travel one. So I look at my travel blog as my CV – a collection of my life’s greatest achievements and moments, and you, the readers, as my potential employers (please like me!).

People, whether it be in job interviews, on the bus, or in this case social media, love nothing more than yarning about things they are proud of, and I am no exception. Without sounding like a total loo-la, I think I have nailed ‘life’ up until this point. I have quit a good few number of jobs to travel, but in one of my farewell speeches my then manager described me as the epitome of ‘here for a good time, not a long time’; I cannot not think of a nicer compliment, honestly. I want to see it all, do it all, and have lots of fun (and wine) along the way. Life is too freakin short.

And thus, comes the inspiration for my blog – my main little life goal I set for myself a good few years back is to have visited all seven continents by the age of thirty. Meaning, I cannot turn 31. So this is my journey how I got to this point, and join me on my way to achieve it!

Welcome to the madness people!

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